Termite Inspections

Otherwise known as Wood Destroying Organisms or Insects

Do you do VA Pest & Termite Inspections?

Yes, this is one of our specialties.  Sales to VA buyers and VA refinances in Ohio usually require a wood destroying insect inspection. It can be difficult to find people who are licensed to do wood destroying insect inspections that don’t also offer treatment. We feel that this is a conflict of interest.  We offer an unbiased inspection only.

What are Wood Destroying Organisms & Insects?

Wood destroying organisms & pests come in a variety of species and types. These insects and organisms are attracted to moisture and damp wood. Termites are the common type and are sometimes used synonymously with wood destroying organisms and insects.

What are signs of a Termite infestation?

  • Small, pin size holes in drywall or wood
  • Crumbling and/or damaged floors
  • Fish-scale like wings left in and around the home
  • Mounds of dry wood termite pellets
  • Excessively squeaky floorboards
  • Termite shelter tubes
  • Audible tapping noise in heavily infested places
  • Sagging floors or hollow wood

When should I get a Termite Inspection?

If you suspect there has been past or present water damage in the home or have seen any of the above symptoms.

What DIY remedies can I try to treat termites?

The best cure for termites and other wood destroying pests is prevention.  Termites thrive in moist environments and like areas where wood is in direct contact with moist dirt. Preventing moisture dirt from being in direct contact with siding and sheathing on the home as well as posts is a good place to start.  If there is an infestation it is best to bring in a qualified professional as the commercially available products are known to be significantly more effective than what is available at the store.

Termite Inspections